Four Winns 375 and its charts

Four Winns 375 and its charts

I sold a beautiful Four Winns 37′ to a lovely Venezuelan family at the last Miami Boat Show. This transaction has been extremely long, though relatively painless. We are finally getting ready to close on it next week.

My boat-learning exercise for this week is to figure out the charts for the GPS. You see, my customer requested that we please deliver the boat to him with the charts already loaded.

I nicely asked my husband, who is an awesome boat mechanic, for help with this. The only problem is that he’s not only a mechanic. He is also the Warranties Manager at InterMarine and Tech Parts Specialist. So needless to say, he is pretty busy, especially given that our network server took a dive last weekend and we had 4 days of backlogged work to do.

So, he said to me: “Here’s the parts request sheet. Figure out what GPS the boat has, and get the charts”. At first, I was really annoyed. Enough so that my dear husband did end up going through the file and figuring out what GPS system the boat has. But then I thought – well, why CAN’T I figure out what the GPS system is, and get the rights charts for it??

So, that is what I will be tackling over the next few days. I will comment on my findings. Perhaps we’ll all learn something new about charts and plotters.


Welcome to Boat-Her!

I am the Social Media Manager and Default Marketing Person at a InterMarine, one of South Florida’s largest boat dealers. This is my personal boating blog.

I love being on the water. I feel it “fixes my head” when I’m cranky, sad, or feeling stuck. However, I am not a boater – YET. I get on a boat whenever I can and I am learning a lot, but I still have a long way to go. I don’t feel confident docking a nice vessel, but I feel more comfortable “cutting” the waves when I’m running than when I first started.

I began my employment at InterMarine back in January 2012. A feminist at heart, I could not help but notice early on that very few women are actively involved in the entire¬†boating experience. I’m not saying there aren’t female boaters, because there are. And I’m not saying there aren’t women in boats, because there are. What I am saying is that there is just a huge gap in the level of involvement and the¬†LEADERSHIP in boating that is taken by women.

The marine industry is still a male-dominated industry. There are gems like Madame Anette Benneteau Roux, chairperson of the successful Groupe Benneteau, and my understanding is that there are a lot more women boaters in states up North. But for the most part, here in South Florida, boating is more of a male-hands-on experience. I’d like to encourage more women to get involved in the art of boating and to take charge of their vessels.

Let’s go Boating!