Meet Madame Annette Beneteau Roux

I want to talk about Madame Annette Beneteau Roux. This is one classy and intelligent lady.

Mdme Beneteau-Roux, “The First Lady of Yachting”, has been running one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world since 1964. Her grandfather, Benjamin Beneteau, started building artisan fishing boats back in 1884 in the little fishing village of Croix-de-Vie in the Vendee region of France.

Mr Beneteau truly loved innovation: he introduced a motorized sardine-fishing boat back in 1910. His son eventually took over the business and produced some truly beautiful fishing boats, but by the 1960s the fishing trade was declining and the company was in trouble.

Madame Annette Beneteau-Roux courtesy of

Mdme Annette Beneteau-Roux is an inspiration. Photo courtesy of

Enter young Annette Benetau.

Like the Warrior Princesses I love so much, Miss Annette Beneteau (later married to Roux), decided that she was NOT going to simply stand idly by while her family’s business faded away. So she decided right there and then that she would join the business (for better or for worse) and try to save it. And she jumped right in with both feet.

The first thing she did was participate in the 1964 Paris Boat Show, where she began to tap into the growing industry of sport and leisure fishing. Little by little, the Beneteau boat designs changed and by the next boat show her company’s leisure fiberglass boats became a hit. The rest, as they say, is history.

Under Madame Beneteau-Roux’s leadership, Beneteau Groupe has become one of the largest companies in the world. I mean, they are HUGE. They have 5 factories in France and one in the United States, along with countless divisions. The American factory alone has “doubled in size to about 250,000 square feet (23,000 m2), with roughly 25 million of total capital invested in the US. This is considered to be an advanced marine factory; it is newer than most of its competitors factories” (Wikipedia).

All in all, Madame Beneteau-Roux demonstrates what a woman can do even in a male-dominated industry and in a time when it wasn’t that common for women to take the reigns. Madame has recently stepped back a little from the forefront, but she is still in active leadership and oversees operations. She truly is an inspiration to me.

If you’d like to read more about Madame Beneteau-Roux, here are a few links of interest.
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PREMIERE! “Sets In Motion” – A Women’s Wake Film

One of my first posts was about Amber Wing’s film project “Sets in Motion” and her vision of creating a platform where female wakeboarders could shine. She has reached a milestone in her project with the Premiere of the completed film by the same name, a collection of all the footage she has collected over the last few years.

Naturally, here at we are thrilled with the success of this project and support Miss Wing and her fellow female athletes.

Also noteworthy is, a shopping/fitness community site entirely dedicated to female athletes. May not be strictly boating-related, but hey- I’m always for Fempowerment regardless of chosen medium!

Four Winns 375 and its charts

Four Winns 375 and its charts

I sold a beautiful Four Winns 37′ to a lovely Venezuelan family at the last Miami Boat Show. This transaction has been extremely long, though relatively painless. We are finally getting ready to close on it next week.

My boat-learning exercise for this week is to figure out the charts for the GPS. You see, my customer requested that we please deliver the boat to him with the charts already loaded.

I nicely asked my husband, who is an awesome boat mechanic, for help with this. The only problem is that he’s not only a mechanic. He is also the Warranties Manager at InterMarine and Tech Parts Specialist. So needless to say, he is pretty busy, especially given that our network server took a dive last weekend and we had 4 days of backlogged work to do.

So, he said to me: “Here’s the parts request sheet. Figure out what GPS the boat has, and get the charts”. At first, I was really annoyed. Enough so that my dear husband did end up going through the file and figuring out what GPS system the boat has. But then I thought – well, why CAN’T I figure out what the GPS system is, and get the rights charts for it??

So, that is what I will be tackling over the next few days. I will comment on my findings. Perhaps we’ll all learn something new about charts and plotters.