This gal likes driving boats

This whole week I got really lucky and was able to get behind the wheel of several new boats. Starting with the two Chaparrals at the annual dealer meeting, assisting in performing a PDC test on a 2013 Four Winns 375, and driving my tipsy friends back from the sandbar aboard a Chaparral Sunesta Extreme, one thing became clear to me: My desire to drive a boat has moved beyond the initial thrill of the challenge of doing something unexpected. I really, truly, love driving a boat. I love to feel the water under me, and the wind in my face. It is so freeing.

While I was running all these boats, I learned a few new things, too…

1. First of all, wearing sunblock is of the utmost importance.

2. If you can afford a sterndrive joystick docking system, then get one. Even if you enjoy the thrill of manual docking, if you ever needed a less experienced passenger to help you dock, you’d be covered. Continue reading